About us

Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. was founded in 2014 through a passion for speciality coffee and craft beer, and profound entrepreneurial spirits. The coffee and beer business model is rooted from much earlier years, but due to life stages and timing, the concept-to-business timing took awhile to align with the stars. We come from different backgrounds, different parts of the country and have varying levels of knowledge that we thought we would mix together to make something awesome. Today, we’re fortunate enough that our dream has become a reality and we’re able to share our passions with you.

Being locally owned and owner-operated, we do business under a very simple mission: Do good. Be positive. Have fun. We love the hell out of good coffee and we love the hell out of good beer, and we want you to love the hell out of both with us. We take great pride in what we make, what we serve, and our moral compass. Ultimately, we’ve designed Red Horn to be a welcoming place with good vibes and quality products and service. We invite you to share in our passions and come hang out with us.