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Poptart Ravioli?
Kettle Soured Strawberry Milkshake IPA
6% ABV

• Must be 21 years old or older to purchase. Limit 1/pp 
• Half of our inventory (~50) is available for online pre-sale from 4/18 @ 8pm thru 4/19 @ noon. The remaining inventory will be available for in-store purchase at 4pm on Friday.
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• Online orders must be picked up between 4/19 @ 2pm & 4/22 @ 10pm (we’re closed on Sunday). All orders will be refunded and surrendered if not picked up prior to 10pm on 4/22.

Pop Tarts are Ravioli, change my mind. I mean, just look at it, a flour based pocket filled with a delicious stuffing, and then there's the sauce. Frosting is sauce, right?
We started off with a protein rich base, and we threw 50# of everyone's childhood favorite off the shelf toaster pastries right in with the grain. We then kettle soured the wort for 18 hours prior to the boil where we loaded up bright and fruity whirlpool hops along with a double dose of lactose sugar for a full and creamy body. After fermenting, we added over 300# of ripe strawberries and just a little vanilla to give it a boost. This bright, fruity, and delicious summer treat won't be around long, just like a box of Poptarts in the pantry the day after the 4/19 release, ammiright?