What We're Drinking

  • Undercover Cowboy Hazy IPA

    This beer is saddled on a blanket of two row, white wheat malt, and rolled oats. Giving a huge aroma of citrus and blueberries, it also saturates and mends in other flavors from Simcoe and Galaxy in the dry hop that roundup giant notes of pineapple, passion fruit, and stone fruit like the collage of a Texas sunset to go along with the full-bodied, hazy experience.

    7% ABV

  • Cuerno Rojo Mexican-Style Amber Lager 

    Cuerno Rojo is a smooth Mexican style Vienna lager packed full of flaked maize and Vienna malt and cold fermented with a unique lager strain. Smooth and toasty, yet light enough to drink all year round. Pair Cuerno Rojo with food or drink it on its own. It's never a bad time to reach for a Cuerno! Salud!

    4.9% ABV
    16 IBU

  • Hap Slappy IPA

    Hap Slappy is a crisp West Coast inspired IPA that leads with an extremely palatable 75 IBUs and balanced by a crisp malt backbone.

    Utilizing the unique characteristics of American hops, HapSlappy achieves a citrusy, piney, and earthy balance.

    7% ABV

    75 IBU

  • Trail Runner Golden Ale

    Trail Runner Golden Ale is our easy drinker! This crisp session ale is brewed to be subtly complex and incredibly approachable. We use a blend of German Pilsner and American Two Row Barley with a dash of light crystal malt to give TrailRunner a crisp yet malty finish. A dash of zesty and citrusy American finishing hops round out the palate.

    5% ABV

    15 IBU

  • Wonder Boy Hefeweizen

    It's wondrous, the delicate and delicious balance of spicy and fruity esters in Wonder Boy Hefeweizen. This smooth and refreshing ale is our Texas twist on a favorite style. Soft white wheat, and crisp Pilsner malt build the backbone, but our unique German yeast does the heavy lifting. Prosit!

    5.24% ABV

    10 IBU

  • House United Coffee Milk Stout

    Our house specialty brew unites our two in house features, fresh roasted coffee and great craft beer. Brewed with six specialty malts, a touch of lactose sugar, cold brew AND whole bean coffee. House United Stout is a rich, complex beer with a subtle sweetness and a big coffee nose and finish.

    4.8% ABV
    30 IBU

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